Physics and Astronomy Research and Publications

Smoke and Mirrors: Time-Reversed Structures in GRBs

Smoke and Mirrors: Signal-to-Noise and Time-Reversed Structures in Gamma-Ray Burst Pulse Light Curves We demonstrate that the `smoke’ of limited instrumental sensitivity smears out structure in gamma-ray burst (GRB) pulse light curves, giving each a triple-peaked appearance at moderate signal-to-noise and a simple monotonic appearance at low signal-to-noise. We minimize this effect by studying six […]

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Software and Data Science

Evolutionary Algorithm for Bee Populations

Introduction: This project was started in competition for the Metis Bee Challenge on The goal of the challenge was to classify different photos of bees into their respective genus — honey bee, or bumble bee. The challengers were given thousands of test and training images to naively classify the 200 x 200 pixel images. training images […]

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